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Kwik-Pay Software is a small software development company specialising in payroll software for small businesses. Our first payroll was developed in 1993. In July 1996, Kwik-Pay was selected by New Zealand PC World magazine as the 'best Windows payroll'.

Version 4 of the software, first released in 2003, designed and built in Australia, saw Kwik-Pay re-engineered as a set of business objects which communicate with any Microsoft database and is accessible as a stand-alone application, or as a COM object from COM-enabled applications such as Microsoft Office.

Kwik-Pay Payroll continues to be developed and enhanced with the development of a new cross-platform version currently in progress. If there is a feature that you need and it is missing from Kwik-Pay Payroll, contact us and we'll be happy to quote.

Kwik-Pay Payroll is a multi-national payroll system currently supporting the statutory requirements of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Tonga and Solomon Islands. Contact us about developing versions of Kwik-Pay Payroll for other countries.

Visit Kwik-Pay International or Kwik-Pay Australia.

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